My Story

I'm Cuen Sharrock. Many of you know me as a friend, a brother, a son and, to two amazing children, a father. Caderyn will forever be the nine-year-old with a mischievous gleam in his eye. Elsha will stay quietly seven for all of time.

I do everything I can for my kids. But some things you just don't plan for.

It was two months before my 38th birthday. 20th June 2018. It was a bright Highveld winter's day. The day reflected my mood. I was grinning in anticipation of the joy on Caderyn's face when he saw I had left work early to fetch him from school instead of letting him take the bus as he usually does.

I never made that pick up.

On the way an SUV drove through a red light and hit me. I died on the scene.


Caderyn and Elsha

These are two great kids. Caderyn is kind, smart and gentle. He cares for his sister dearly and defends her fiercely if anyone tries to make fun of her.

Elsha is locked in her own world. She is severely autistic and may never hold a full conversation with another person. But she's so full of life and as strong and as lithe as a leopard.

Caring for a disabled child puts strain on you, your relationships and your finances, and broke more than one of those. There are no decent state schools for Autistic children in our area, so we started one.


The legacy trust

Everything I've done was to make make sure that Caderyn and Elsha were loved and provided for. Now that I'm gone, I could use a little help in making sure that Caderyn gets the education he deserves and that little Elsha gets the care and protection that she needs.

$ 0.00

Thank you to the many kind donors who have already contributed. The funds will be kept in these addresses until Caderyn and Elsha's 18th birthday, or unless the trust determines that the funds should be moved in the best interests of the children.

You can contribute to the Cuen Sharrock Legacy Trust by making a donation in Bitcoin.


Don't have Bitcoin, but still wish to donate?

Any donations made into the account below will be converted into Bitcoin on your behalf and kept in trust for the children.

Account Number: 1174512377
Branch code: 101337