The leading mobile solution for Mine control


  • Position tracking using GPS**
  • Uses local grid, SA grid, or UTM co- ordinates
  • Upload faces or path features from survey data
  • Record and tag paths and features
  • Guided Navigation
  • Local maps are automatically downloaded***
  • Import/Export survey data from Microsoft Excel
  • Set up tally systems for trip counts
  • Grid block and mine plan overlays
  • Proximity alarms
  • Aerial photograph overlays
  • Meta-data colorized overlays
  • Runs on any Android device running ICS or higher.


Modern mining methods demand accurate positioning and progress. MineTrak is a portable, simple and affordable application for Android® devices allowing opencast mining personnel to put themselves at the right place, at the right time.

Whether you're an operator needing to collect material from the correct block, a supervisor updating pit faces, a geologist setting out prospecting boreholes, or the manager wishing to accurately track mining progress in between formal surveys, MineTrak is the solution.

MineTrak runs on any Android® device*, allowing you to keep tabs on mining progress from your smartphone, or a 10" tablet. It is the indispensable tool for keeping track of pit operations - without the need of a surveyor.

Navigate, record, or update information in the field, and then download the captured data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further processing.

Alternatively, upload survey data from Excel onto your device to overlay pit faces, geological features, control points, grid blocks, maps, aerial photographs or any other survey data.

Why MineTrak, and not just Google Maps?

All modern tablets and phones come with Google Maps these days. You might be asking, why not just use that for mine planning? 

Make no mistake, Google Maps is a wonderful product. But as wonderful as Google Maps is for personal navigation and finding restaurants, it wasn't designed for the kind of high accuracy applications that Mine Planning requires. 

Consider the two screenshot sections below. The left hand image comes from Google Maps. The right-hand image is of the same area using aerial photography set up to be installed into MineTrak.

You'll immediately notice a few things:

  1. Obsolescence. Firstly, they don't even look like they come from the same area. Well, that's because you have no control over how often Google updates their satellite images. The image on the left is several months out of date and is effectively useless as a visual aid for Mine Planning purposes. In fact, one doesn't even know when these images were actually taken. You have no control at all. After all, Google is interested in mapping the entire planet. They aren't terribly interested in keeping your mine photos up to date. We are.
  2. Consistency. The Google image is actually an amalgam of a set of photographs taken at different times. The image isn't even internally consistent.
  3. Clarity. Luckily, it was a clear day when the satellite images on the left were taken. Often, there are clouds obscuring the ground and that's no good.


But wait, there's more

The Google image on the left is almost at its maximum zoom level. See how small those trucks are? That's not terribly useful either.

Here are two more images of that area. The left image is again from Google maps, at its maximum zoom level. The image on the right is a MineTrak photo set tile (read more about photo sets) at the same zoom level. Notice how much clearer the MineTrak photo is.

What's more, since that aerial photographs have a much higher resolution than Google Maps images, there are up to two more zoom levels available in MineTrak, offering SIXTEEN times more detail at the maximum zoom level.

Help with MineTrak

Read the online troubleshooting guide or contact support for help.

Pricing and orders

Minetrak is exclusive distributed by Orbital Surveys. It is available now for $700, or R6500 in South Africa4. This includes the first year's maintenance fee.

The annual maintenance fee of R1750 or $200 provides users with free upgrades and product and after-sales support.

For more information, contact us.




* Requires Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.1) or newer.
** GPS requires line of sight to sky
*** Internet connection required.
4 Not including device.